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The purpose will be the same as you using the physical card, to share your business and branding. The different is contactless, 24/7 at anytime anywhere and borderless using your finger press send to message, email or any social medial and editable by yourself and is live change.

Page, is a function to make your business more easy to for marketing your business online without keep spend money on third party design and creation. You can DIY yourself by using BioFo page.

Digital Name Card is a online application allow user at anytime anyplace DIY your own personal business card. Say No to all Physical Name card.

Page, is a info sharing and business marketing. Nowadays Business due to pandemic, people and people can't really reach out to each others and business have to be go online. World are changing, we also have to accept the change. 90% of businessman or salespeople may not known how to use the device to create online marketing materials. BioFo Page is a easy and fast way to DIY create your own Business landing page. You can either send it by email, messages or any social media or link the URL for online marketing.