Keep All your Business Cards In One Place

Say! Goodbye to all the Business Card. No more Card holder. All Business Card and Business Partner's Card all in BioFo. Let BioFo be your future Business Networking.


Discover A New Way To Share Your Contact!

Digital Name Card is your future!
Contactless, easy, anywhere, anyplace and borderless just by one finger, the world will received your personal branding.



You are appreciated!

BioFo, we believe the Earth is a better place when people feel appreciated. That’s our mission: to help make it easy for people to share Branding, info and appreciation one person, one card at a time.Our service allows you to create a digital Name card and Page for marketing purposes.

Our modern approach to create and sending your DCard or Page from a group is easy to use. We allow you to gather as many Card or Pages as you’d like by simply sharing a link. You’ll never have to worry about running out of card or never carry the card with you.

The days of passing a physical card and keeping all cards in a holder are over! Today BioFo is used by many of businesses and salesperson and BioFo user in many countries. We value diversity of thought and backgrounds and strive for a culture that is inclusive, supports personal and professional growth and empathetic of others.

About Us

Keep All your Business Cards In One Place

Our Mission

Digitalised, simplify, Globalization, connect people to people build up value and relationships and amplify the power of Networking.